With the rise in popularity of social media- brands and companies have made it essential to use social media and create content for the company or brand. There are too many apps available that ensure that one posts their content on social media with absolute ease and is extremely fun.

It is effortless to get lost in this digital era, so to get a hold, we have come across an app that helps to edit and get your desired result with absolute ease. Adbanao premium apk downloads are the ultimate platform that provides plenty of templates for every category, like photos or videos.

About Adbanao premium apk download

Through Adbanao, you can create posters that are great for creating posters. You will find many templates and categories that you can choose from to complete your designs. For example, you can use templates for festival greetings or international days for many events, allowing UMSC to offer every year.

Also, you can create many social media campaigns, and for that, you can use logos, colors, and messages for every message you design. Also, there are many great games and graphic editing programs that you can use for free.

Also, you can post your Ads very quickly and edit them online. It is straightforward and convenient to use this App, and as you use it more often, you will understand it is very different from the other Apps.

Why wait? Give it a try!

Features of Adbanao premium apk download

Are you in a rush and worried about how you would design your ad in such low time? Then you have across the perfect App. The Adbanao premium apk download helps you create your content for social media channels in no time and is a hassle-free way.

Let us dig deeper into the features-

Making Social Media Content in a jiffy One of the greatest gifts technology has is its diversifying usage. One can use the technology today not just for fun but can stay connected through Apps like Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram. Also, we can use this platform to run ads and maximize your business. So, through Adbanao premium apk download, you can create your social media ads in seconds and a few clicks.

So, are you looking for an App that can enhance your social media engagement and keep up with your social media trend? Then you have got the right place. Also, there are too many free templates that one can use to match the social media content ideally.

Also, the App comes with perfect templates that fit your festival, entertainment, health-related content, or videos that suits them best. Also, you can customize any template in this App that works for your brand perfectly. Also, you do not have to worry about creating any social media from scratch, as this helps you make them perfectly.

No cost-perfect templates

The Adbanao premium apk download can be used ideally for creating social media posts. The available templates in the App fit perfectly with your social media content. The available templates right now are rightly available and can be used to create your favorite post on any platform.

The App is a perfect treasure for templates and fulfills all your template needs. You will find all the templates, from entertainment-based themes to inspiration or social media themes. Also, you will get every updated resource that would suit your taste and interest level perfectly.

Perfect Customisation

As you start to make your social media content through Adbanao premium apk download, you will find that you can customize your design as you want. Specially, you will be available with many templates that would suit your design absolutely the way you want.

Moreover, all the templates are highly customizable, and you will find that each of them can be turned down your way with extreme ease. Also, you will get access to all of our templates for free, but also you will get ad space for every post from the Adbanao premium apk download network of advertisers.

User Friendly

As you start using Adbanao, you will find that selecting your suitable template and adding them to use for your social media content is extremely easy. Also, you will find that there is no trouble in creating your content and editing them as this App makes everything work efficiently and fine.

Registering your brand details

As you launch the Adbanao App, you would be required to log in with your credentials like brand details and logo to make your brand unique and eligible for copyright action. Also, you can use this logo for business branding and its growth.

Name Adbanao Premium APK
Genre Art & Design
Version 1.7.6
Developers Upscale Media Pvt. Ltd.
Get It On com. adbanao
Size 35M
Requirement 5.0 and up

Additional Features of Adbanao premium apk download

Apart from-

  • Easily accessible template, Image, and Video
  • Great video posts in a click
  • Huge frames, social media icons, and multiple fonts
  • Free logos (unlimited)
  • Auto Jingles
  • Great Product Advertisement with Photos option
  • Birthday Greetings and Video templates

We have got-

  • Effects with cropped images
  • Adding color gradients to the texts
  • Creating clickable digital business card designs
  • Making great posters, banners, and many more for festivals and other purposes
  • Highly optimizable
  • Fixing bugs

Pros and Cons of Adbanao premium apk download


  • It can be downloaded directly from any third-party website
  • Do not need to wait for any review process
  • Post the download, and there is an APK file that enables to redownload several times and install them


  • Since it needs to be downloaded from a third-party website so it can be harmful
  • APK can be dangerous, thus stealing data from phone or damaging it


Is it safe to download Adbanao?

Not sure, but since it requires a third-party website to download, it can be harmful at times.

Does it require Android App permission to download Adbanao?

Yes, it requires Android App permission to download any APK. Once the permission is granted, it allows updating immediately.


The Adbanao premium apk download helps you download the App and design your social media content online hassle-free.


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